Next ban, Reginald became an outstanding and you may began to steal the Porches out-of his rivals immediately after he beat them

Next ban, Reginald became an outstanding and you may began to steal the Porches out-of his rivals immediately after he beat them

We know by the very youngsters contained in this Heartland Academy you to definitely Reginald wasn’t simply a talented Duelist, but also a bully. [1] He received the newest nickname “Shark”, because he used an ocean-inspired Deck and since the guy ripped their opponents’ Decks out-of their hand fast sufficient reason for malice. Even after Shark’s steps, Yuma Tsukumo defended him, when he believes that everybody has done anything inside their earlier in the day that they feel dissapointed about. [19]

Pre-Globe Duel Carnival [ modify ]

Shark defeated opponents in the their university, bringing its Decks once they missing. After conquering Bronk Brick, the guy fulfilled Yuma Tsukumo, which attempted to defend Bronk. Whenever questioned just what his important matter is, Yuma advised your it actually was their pendant. Shark ripped new pendent from his shoulder and you may threw it aside. Shark confronted your in order to a complement, that have one another Yuma’s and you may Bronk’s Decks at risk. Yuma acknowledged. [1]

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL [ edit ]

It Dueled in the city rectangular, with Shark rapidly wearing an advantage that have “Huge Jaws” and you may “Aqua Spraying”. The guy cornered Yuma, but the new “Numbers” was create throughout the home. Shark are had by the “Count 17: Leviathan Dragon”, he continued so you can Xyz Summon. [1] Due to the fact Duel advanced, Shark began to doll with Yuma, providing their Existence Situations as a result of a small fraction. Yet not, Yuma been able to emerge from this with the help of Astral, and you may managed to overcome Shark along with his “Count 39: Utopia” at the 5000 ATK, hence kicked Shark aside. When Shark awoke, the guy gave Yuma Bronk’s Patio, staying his pledge. Shark said that Yuma is actually distinct from everyone he features faced ahead of and you will walked out of as opposed to several other word (about dub, Shark says “You have got a place till next, Yuma”). [17]

A little while adopting the Duel, terms and conditions of Shark’s overcome bequeath around college along with his profile dropped. Sooner, he averted planning to college or university and then have stop Dueling, and you may is actually taken in because of the a gang contributed by the Scorch and you may Chills, whom installed out during the a deserted arcade. One night, Shark are driving towards his motorcycle, and you will stopped immediately after enjoying Yuma, observing your ahead of riding away from. [42] One day, while Yuma try later to college, Shark drove round the a course to the his bike and almost strike Yuma. After Yuma was belittled by their relatives whom accept that their gains more Shark and you will Flip had been simply because from his “Numbers”, he decided to pick Shark and you will difficulties your to help you an effective rematch, without using the help of Astral otherwise their Numbers. Whenever Scorch and you will Chills nearly harm Yuma with his family relations, but Shark told them to stop in saying he understands her or him. After the group help Yuma wade, he confronted Shark, the guy would not Duel once the their prior losses in order to Yuma triggered him to stop Dueling. Yuma proceeded to help you pursue Shark and you can annoy him by requesting a Duel up to he acknowledged, Yuma bet Emperor’s Trick on the results. Yuma don’t have fun with his “Numbers” and you can Shark told him to take action, thinking an earn over Yuma instead “Numbers” is worthless. Yuma Summoned “Utopia”, and this Shark weak which have “Friller Shark”. That it let “Black Ray Lancer” negate the outcomes and you can wreck they, and that content Astral. Shark obtained having a primary attack out of “Submersible Company Aeo Shark”. Shark got the brand new Emperor’s Key, however, threw it on the ground when he walked from immediately after he consider what Yuma told you in the being nearest and dearest. Before driving out, Shark told Yuma you to Scorch and you will Chills provides him an area to help you belong and you may told your not be irritate him again. [13]

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