12 CFR A§ 701.21 – Loans to customers and credit lines to customers

12 CFR A§ 701.21 – Loans to customers and credit lines to customers

(a) Statement of extent and function. Point 701.21 balances the conditions of part 107(5) associated with the government credit score rating Union work (12 U.S.C. 1757(5)) authorizing government credit score rating unions to manufacture debts to users and concern personal lines of credit (like charge cards) to members. Area 701.21 interprets and tools those provisions. And also, A§ 701.21 shows the NCUA Board’s intention concerning preemption of county rules, and increases the power of government credit see page score rating unions to impose due-on-sale conditions in genuine home financial loans. Additionally, while A§ 701.21 usually relates to government credit unions only, specific specifications apply to financial loans created by federally guaranteed, state-chartered credit unions as specified in A§ 741.203 for this section. Component 722 of the part establishes forth specifications for appraisals for many real estate secured finance made under A§ 701.21 and just about every other applicable credit authority. Eventually, really observed that A§ 701.21 doesn’t affect loans by government credit score rating unions for other credit unions (although some legal limitations in point 107 with the Act apply), nor to financing to credit score rating union organizations which are governed by area 107(5)(D) with the Act and part 712 for this chapter.

(1) Preemption of county rules. Section 701.21 was promulgated pursuant on NCUA panel’s special expert as established in section 107(5) from the Federal credit score rating Union operate (12 U. This workout of this Board’s expert preempts any state laws purporting to limit or impair:

(B) The amount, uniformity, and regularity of repayments, including the accrual of unpaid interest if repayments include insufficient to pay for all interest due;

S.C 1757(5)) to manage the costs, terms of payment alongside ailments of government credit union financial loans and credit lines (like credit cards) to users

(C) The type or amount of safety and also the relationship regarding the value of the protection for the level of the borrowed funds or line of credit;

(2) Matters perhaps not preempted. Except as provided by section (b)(1) with this section, it is not the panel’s intent to preempt county legislation that do not upset rate, terms of payment and various other ailments expressed above concerning loans and lines of credit, for example:

(ii) regulations pertaining to convert of and safety hobbies in genuine and personal homes (discover, however, section (g)(6) of your area regarding the use and do exercises of due-on-sale clauses);

(3) Additional Federal rules. Except as offered by part (b)(1) of this section, it is really not the Board’s intent to preempt county guidelines affecting components of credit transactions which are mostly managed by government rules except that the government credit score rating Union Act, for example, condition statutes concering credit score rating expenses disclosure requisite, credit discrimination, credit rating tactics, unjust credit score rating procedures, and debt collection ways. Usefulness of condition rules on these circumstances is determined pursuant toward preemption standards associated with relevant Federal law and guidelines.

(4) exam and administration. Except as usually consented by the NCUA panel, the panel maintains unique examination and management enforcement jurisdiction over government credit unions. Violations of government or applicable condition rules related to the credit activities of a Federal credit union should-be labeled the appropriate NCUA regional workplace.

(5) concept of State laws. For purposes of part (b) within this point a€?state lawa€? suggests the structure, regulations, guidelines and official conclusion of any state, the region of Columbia, the number of areas and assets of the usa, and Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Area 107(5) regarding the operate contains limits on matters instance mortgage readiness, interest, security, and prepayment penalties

(1) Extent. The Next general formula affect all financial loans to customers and, in which showed, all credit lines (such as bank cards) to users, except as if not offered for the remaining terms of A§ 701.21.

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